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K-Beauty Vloggers You Need to Follow (Right Now)!

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Time really flies especially when you love what you’re doing. Lately I’ve been so busy keeping up with my blog(s) and social networks that I am quite all over the place. Needless to say it isn’t easy being a full-time blogger. It is challenging, but definitely very fulfilling in more ways that I could ever imagine. Blogging made me grow as a person and has helped me learn new things every day.

I love that I am half Filipino, but growing up in the Philippines limited me from discovering all the “fun” stuff on my Korean side – especially skin care innovations, kpop idols and k-drama (if you haven’t seen My Sassy Girl, you should!). One of the ways that I keep up with Korean Beauty Trends and such is through Youtubers / Vloggers.

For today’s round up I am featuring my Top 5 Korean Vloggers that I highly suggest for everyone to check out and get to know. I promise, you’ll want to subscribe to their updates!






Aren’t they super gorgeous and lovely? I really think so. I’m totally inspired by their dedication and hard work. I hope and aspire that someday I can get to where they are at now. Even if not exactly to where they’re at … maybe even halfway there. But as my Mama taught me … if you’re going to dream and have aspirations – Dream Big and don’t limit yourself. I just need to find my voice, channel an outlet and keep pushing myself. The best thing we can do is to keep trying right? 🙂

Feel free to share your favorite Korean Vloggers using the comment box below so I can include them on my upcoming round-ups and introduce them to my other readers / visitor. Until next feature! xo

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