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Killer Shoes

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They look awesome, absolutely perfect… but then again the heels are soo high you’d think twice before walking around wearing them. So here’s my share on how to get-along with your high-heeled killer shoes:

  • first choose a minimal height of heels [e.g. 2inches] take a few minutes standing in it. Facing a mirror, turn slightly from side to side. You’ll be able to take a good look of your posture and projection. The act of standing in high heels alone allows a few fears to be faced and get used to the height of the heels and gain full control.
  • Walk through your heels. First try it on a wooden surface, then to a marbled surface, to a thick carpet or padding to balance yourself on different ways. Remember these surfaces will affect how you walk.
  • Wearing high heels you must keep both legs straight and as close as possible. Each step should be straight and point forward. Start with a slow, determined pace. Gradually as you gain more confidence and experience walking in high heels will be natural.
  • Keep practicing, going from one room to the other room, turning different directions and stopping without wobbling on your high heels. If possible, try using the stairs too, the gravity pull and elevated steps will be a challenge as well.
  • If you are alot confident already in your ability to walk, glide, turn, and stop switch to a higher heels – but remember to slow down with the added height. Don’t just jumped to highest heel as this will get your muscles strained and you’ll end up with cramps. Change from two to three inch heel will probably not be as hard as the first step in high heels, but if it proves to be a little streinous practice on two and a half. This requires patience and a lot of practice.
  • It’s really easy to follow. Just practice, practice, practice. If you have never worn high heels, or simply not comfortable with them, this should get you started. After all there’s always that time where one needs to wear them heels.

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