Kicking it with my Whooga Ugg Boots

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Be it Winter or Spring, I always keep it to a point that I am warm and comfortable. Plus during Spring time here it can still be pretty windy and humid so I can get away wearing booties. There are times when I love to dress up and get all stylish and there are times when I just go for casual and comfortable. Not all days is about getting all dolled-up. Being a Fashion Blogger doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice comfort over style. Plus, who says I can’t have both? With Whooga Ugg Boots, I can have the softest and warmest sheepskin boots and still look stylish.

Well Packaged & Lovely Design

Whooga Ugg Boots

Classic Tall

Whooga Ugg Boots

Thick Inner Fiber

Whooga Ugg Boots

Merino Fleece

Whooga Ugg Boots

Whooga Label

Whooga Ugg Boots

Side View

Whooga Ugg Boots



Back Detail


Wearing it Out


Kicking it Out


Having Fun with my Whooga


As you can see in the picture I am very comfortable with my Classic Tall Ugg Boots and I have kept my outfit simple and casual. Nothing too fancy but still stylish with that hint of fur to match my brown tall boots. Some may say otherwise, and that’s where I would point out that we all have our sense of style and fashion and this is how I express myself.

Why spend more on boots that aren’t as warm? Stay with us for a moment and consider the science behind warming your feet.

The main thing that I love about Whooga is not just the competitive price but for the quality of the boots itself. Being a thrifty fashionista I always make sure my purchases or recommendation are budget friendly, but of course I wouldn’t sacrifice quality. On this case it is very much a win/win case as Whooga have the best price of all Ugg Boots seller that I can find and the quality is totally great! The Merino fleece lining is thicker than any other boots and contains a natural substance called Lanolin, which promotes good blood flow. Not only that, it is less prone to sweating and odour buildup. Totally love it and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Check out Whooga’s Site as soon as possible as they currently have a 40% sale and it will be ending soon! Til’ next feature… xox

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  1. Rhea Bue

    April 8, 2012 at 1:39 am

    wow.. that’s a cute boots sis 🙂 love it!:D and the haiiiirrr! <3

  2. UGG Boots

    September 12, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    cooooooool blog!!!!!!!

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