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Introduction to Korean Skin Care

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Hello there dolls! 2015 went by so fast I could barely keep up. I figured this year I’d start things off differently and stick with an editorial calendar. Part of my plan is to create weekly link round-ups featuring editorials, well written blog post as well as reviews. I know a lot of people who loves to find something good to read over the weekend or to simply kill time.

This new section on my blog will be a good way to highlight those post that deserves some extra lovin’ and for easy reference to get back to. I personally have been there myself … spending countless of hours going back and forth scouring google searching for the “best” post that can relate to my question or troubles. I figured I can definitely round up those so-called situation and feature the best answer / reference every week on a linky post.

For starters — have you been wondering what’s all the hype about when it comes to Korean Skin Care? Need an introduction or a simplified guide to get started? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. For my first round-up it will be an ❝ Introduction to Korean Skin Care ❞. I understand that it can get pretty confusing especially when you’re going from the usual wash and wear routine or the 2-step skin care that consist of cleansing and moisturizing. I am half Korean … and best believe, I too had to adjust before getting used to all the new steps I have added.

Let’s Get Started With My Blog Post

What You Need To Know About Korean Skin Care ❞ ????

What The Experts Have To Say

  • Why I Love Korean Skin-Care: One Vogue Editor Dishes It All via Vogue
  • Soko Secrets: 10 Steps to Flawless Skin via Elle
  • The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine via ITG
  • Straight From the Community

  • Asian Skincare 101: A Beginner’s Guide & FAQ
  • The American Version of Korean Skin Care

  • The American guide to Korean skincare
  • Soko Glam’s Approved Products

  • Suggested Routine Set (for combination skin type) by Soko Glam
  • Looking for more? Feel free to share your thoughts using the comments box or message me directly using the contact form on this site. Hope y’all enjoyed this week’s first round up! Until next time. xo

    Read the second part: The Not-So Intimidating Introduction to Korean Skin Care

    image credit: Choi Jin-ri / Sulli (Etude House)

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