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How to open your Contact Lens Bottles Safely + Review

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Hello there doll eyes! I know its been a while since I last featured my Review + Info – to know more about Dueba Lens. I’ve been very busy and believe me I have not forgotten about y’all nor about my promise and plans to feature reviews and video updates. Here’s a simple infographic guide on how to open your lens vial bottles safely


Look for the Markings at the Vial

How to open a contact lens bottle

Then Carefully Push the Cover Upwards

How to open a contact lens bottle

As you may have noticed from my previous lens review and video shares that I have always had a hard time opening my vials. Which is why I thought if I am having quite a hard time, someone else out there could be feeling the same exact thing. Make sure to use a thick cloth prying open the sharp covering… okay? From my personal experience I have either used pliers to yank it off or a thick pot holder. 😛

Aside from my how-to guide I would like to share a short review for KiwiBerry1‘s No. 21 Green Lens. 🙂 It’s simple and adds a nice hint of green to dark brown eyes. If you have black eyes I am not sure how much this color would pop-out. Like any other lens that I have tried from KiwiBerry the lens is very comfortable to wear and need not much lubrication. Although, even if it feels like I don’t need it I made it a habit to do so. This way I can assure that my eyes is not getting to dry and it can still breathe. Caring for my eyes is always a priority for me and should be as well for everyone else. I am not a big fan of green shade as it does not look natural in my eyes. One thing for sure though that it can definitely make a whole new look for those who are into cosplay, modeling or just trying to look different. Here’s a few snap on how the lens look like when worn…




The lens add a subtle hint of color that is fresh and cool to look at. After all, eye doctors instructs us to look at anything green in color to rest our eyes. I guess I can simply look at my eyes wearing this lens. 😛 Oh… and guess what? KiwiBerry1 surprised me with a package! Check out what they sent me…
contact lens collection

Yep… 7 graded contact lens in different color and design! OMG. I am totally surprised and ecstatic!!! I have a very poor eyesight and most of the lenses I have are ungraded so I can only wear them indoors [at home] for picture and review purposes or I would have to wear my glasses over it. I don’t mind wearing my glasses but it is barely noticeable that I am even wearing one since I have chinky eyes. So now I have lenses that are graded… that I can wear even on the go! Thank you so much KiwiBerry! More reviews to feature for y’all! Don’t forget to visit KiwiBerry’s website and check out their lenses! Be sure to grab one asap while supplies last! Til’ next xox.

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