How Effective Voda Swim Push Up Bra Can Be

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Greater percentage of women wants to have that nice and confident enhancing cleavage. To achieve the perfect size or shape for a good looking cleavage, women tend to do different type of things that often are not appropriate or aren’t considered to be healthy for the body. There are also product enhancers in the market such as pills, gels and even cream that claim they can enhance the breast size effectively and quickly to attain a certain cleavage size preference. If all else fails, women tend to resort to what seems to be the last option, surgery. However, those options aren’t really something I would recommend to anyone as there still is another alternative and that is relying on … Voda swim.

Voda Swim makers of the Envy Push Up Bikini Envy Push Up ® Monokini

Nowadays, being able to show a sexy looking cleavage is not much of a hassle anymore – with the right product on hand. Most women are aware of special bras that helps increase their bra size for daily wear but not many are aware of swimsuits or swim wear that can do the same effect. Out of the many brand names I have sought out and tried, I can highly recommend Voda Swim push up bra. Their swim wear collection with a built in push up bra (some refers to it as magic or wonder bra) that enhances each and every women’s bust to make it appear one size bigger than its normal size. Check out my photo below for reference. I am wearing Envy Push Up Monokini – Grapefruit size small.

Sexy side cut-outs that accentuate your hourglass shape, but still provides enough coverage in all the right places. 14K Gold plated hoops adorn the bottom that ties on the sides.

Voda Swim makers of the Envy Push Up Bikini Envy Push Up ® Monokini

Voda Swim makers of the Envy Push Up Bikini Envy Push Up ® Monokini

From my personal point of view, Voda Swim push up bra is what most girls will want to wear out in the beach. Voda swim doesn’t have stiff padding and underwire but the effectiveness of it in terms of giving support and pushing up is definitely outstanding. Unlike other brands, Voda Swim push up bra is created for women who are quite active or are involve with a lot of movement. It doesn’t fall out of place and most of all it doesn’t absorb a lot of water (note: very important especially when swimming or sweating to avoid having our swim wear fall out of place due to water weight).

If you take a closer look on their collection (via official website), you can all see that their assortments are of high quality and can even compare to high end brands that most women wears. The way their product is designed fits more natural to a woman’s chest while giving the lift and support that it needs.

Voda Swim – Envy Push Up : See the Difference

With all honesty, Voda Swim Envy Push Up bra (with a patent pending by the way) is the best in the market as of today. The price of this product is absolutely reasonable for the amazing benefits it can provide. As a woman who always try to look her best, I highly recommend this brand and their product to every woman who needs a good lift.

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