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Hot Heels to Fall Madly in Love With

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Bourne Shoes

I admit it I am slightly addicted to heels.  I have a wardrobe dedicated to my shoe collection with special built in shelves and everything.  I just love them all I can’t bear to get rid of any of them! 

Of course I don’t get around to wearing all of them.  I have my favourites and some have languished still in their boxes at the back of the shelves.  However I just know I will have the perfect outfit for them one day and they will come into their moment of glory.

Bourne Shoes

One of my big favourites at the moment is Bourne shoes.  I stumbled across these online in a fantastic little Internet boutique and was couldn’t tear my eyes away from their super sexy design.  

  • Since buying my first pair of Bourne shoes I have since invested in another three pairs. 
  • This has been ideal for me as my previous favourite shoe brand Faith have recently shut their doors in my high street. 
  • I used to like nothing better than spending my lunch break trying on shoes and looking for bargains but now this is no longer possible. 
  • Bourne’s has been a great substitute and the designs are well-balanced and quite easy to walk in.
  • I also love the fact that the designs are so diverse.  From cute court heels to killer stiletto boots there really is something for every occasion.

Bourne Shoes

Putting My Heels to Work!

I have a fantastic range of heels in all different colours, patterns, heights and styles.  As you can probably guess I do spend quite a lot of time planning outfits and creating personal styles.  I do tend to build outfits from the shoes upwards and very rarely do I go a day without wearing some kind of heels.  Here are some of the great ways I put my heels to work:

  • Bourne Pewter Shoes – these shoes are currently my biggest love.  They are so original with their metal-style cutaway uppers I have never seen any other shoes like them.  To really let these pewter beauties shine I often match them with a gorgeous ivory Hedonia dress I picked up from an online boutique.  With a few silver accessories as highlights and some hot 50’s sex kitten smoky eye makeup this outfit packs a powerful punch for a glamorous lunch date.
  • Faith Wooden Wedge Clogs – I have had these wooden clogs from Faith for ages.  They are quite high and take a bit of getting used to but they go with almost anything from cute summer tea dresses to my grey pinstripe interview suit.  I have worn them a lot and they still look as good as new so definitely one of my better bargains.
  •  Bourne Leopard Print Boots – these are the sexiest boots I have in my wardrobe and I save them for special nights out when I want to really take things up a gear.  These are ‘shoe boots’ so they cut just short on the ankle and show of trim legs to perfection. With the leopard print and cutaway strap sections they look a little classic sex appeal meets dominatrix for an extra spicy look.
  • Bourne Black Chain Suede Boots – as you can see Bourne shoes are coming up a lot in my list as they are my current favourites. I don’t normally buy suede shoes as they are so difficult to look after.  However these black suede boots were so gorgeous I couldn’t pass them up.  They go with almost everything and I have been wearing for work and play. The chain detail and low ankle cut are fabulous and make them that little bit more sexy and stylish than the average black boot.

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