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Grand Finale Entry for NokiaLVK

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This is it ladies … and gents, the NokiaLVK unique fashion quest is about to end. You can already expect I am working really hard on my “finale”. I really want to make sure my last few entries would make them go “WOW” and know how much I really want to win this competition. Which is why I am going crazy cramming for ideas and finally … I found the perfect closing entry.

Brace yourselves as this post is going to be quite long. I have thought of making two separate entries but I want to make sure all my entries gets counted as the competition will end the 14th! I wouldn’t want my hard work to go to waste. Then again, I am quite torn as I want my idea to remain unique. Since this a competition, I don’t want to give my competitors the opportunity to steal away my idea. 😛 So I’m like … “what do I do???” I’ve decided I’ll go ahead and make it into one entry. I have done my very best anyway. I‘ll just hope and pray I can outshine the other entries. 😉

Just like dining out … there’s always an appetizer to every main course meal. So I would like to start my entry with an outfit post.

Heavy Image Post Ahead!

My current outfit of the day is inspired by LeiVanKash “Flora” collection … which is why my ensemble consists of vibrant shade of red hues. I don’t have much “floral print” outfits that are winter friendly. So I simply had to get creative and found myself wearing my red cape paired with white jeans to keep the look simple and clean. Then my choice of heels is my leopard print booties with a hot pink shade in it. Lastly I made sure to accentuate my cape with a “Flower” brooch to complete the “flora inspired” look.

Now … for my “Finale” I have decided to make use of my craft skills. Since this competition is to inspire the next LeiVanKash Jewellery piece, I have re-created my old accessories to a new one! Let’s hope it was creative enough to inspire Leila … so I can go to London! I present to y’all my lovely re-creation!

DIY Bracelet from Old Accessories!

Video and Photo Collage were taken using Nokia Lumia 900.
Video edited using Windows Live movie maker and Photo with Nokia App Phototastic Free from Marketplace.

High Resolution Photos

Materials used on this DIY bracelet: Round medium sized wooden beads, Dangling earrings as charms for the bracelet, jewelry wire, old necklace hook, pliers and scissor.

Not that I am lifting my own chair … but I am very proud of my re-creation entry. I started from scratch and the result was pretty awesome! In fact, even boyf thinks it was indeed very creative and hopes the best for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed already and if you can … please do add me on your prayers. If not you can still show your support by sharing a comment below or a tweet with the #NokiaLVK @Nokia_Connects tag. Thank you for all your support. xx

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  1. Diva Fabulosa

    December 13, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Goodluck girl!! I hope you win!

  2. Clare

    December 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Wow sis good luck! I really do hope you win this, and that DIY bracelet is really awesome 😀

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