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Goddess Aphrodite

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As I was growing up, I have been very fascinated with Gods and Goddesses more than that of fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White. Don’t get me wrong, I love disney movies and all the classic fairytale but in my perspective God and Goddesses are real. That even if it had been cartoonized like Hercules, there should still be a basis of the story and not just make belief.

Aphrodite: [af-rə-dy-tee] is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus.

There’s so much to uncover when it comes to Greek Mythic History than meets the eye. Which is why today I have an outfit post inspired by the Gods and Goddesses. Check out my costume ensemble below…

Goddess Costume

Love it? Hype it!

Goddess Costume

Without Photoshop Effects

Goddess CostumeGoddess CostumeGoddess Costume

Wedge Heels from F21

Goddess CostumeGoddess Costume

Photo of the Moment

Goddess Costume

So how did I do? I am hoping I did the “Goddess Look” some justice *winks* and a lot of friends really love how it turned out. Whoo! As usual, I even shared it on my instagram and have receive lots of love and support too. If you’re not following me on there you should! Search for me “koreandoll” and follow now. ^_^ I have an IG follower who said one of my pic reminded her of a game called Bella Sara… reference to the photo below.

Bella Sara

Goddess Costume

other IG comments

Goddess Costume

With halloween coming up in a few months, I’m sure some of you are already starting to consider what costume to wear. If you’re into the scary zombie and monsters get-up you can consider going for this outfit that can easily pass as a Goddess, Amazon, Warrior, Cupid, Spartan Queen and other Greek characters out there. Honestly, I don’t see the point of turning a beautiful face into scary ones! I know some people love scaring other people, but if you got it why hide it? Surely, anyone of you can find an amazing costume at that can bring out the Halloween spirit without having to be scary.

If you have any comments, question or suggestion feel free to let me know and I will try my best to answer right away. Til’ next! xox

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  1. lhyzie

    July 12, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Ang ganda mo sis 🙂

  2. SheikTheGeek

    March 8, 2013 at 7:52 am

    A true Goddess! <3

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