Glamorous Like Royalty on Your Big Day

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Choosing the right ring is just as important as choosing the perfect dress. Celebrity jeweller Vashi Dominguez makes it all possible with his flamboyant collection. Highly curated assortment of engagement, wedding and anniversary rings along with bespoke earrings, necklaces as well as bracelets can be found on his website

Most of us only marry once in our lives – why cut corners and skimp on costs? – Vashi (ring master, diamond expert)

celebrity jeweller vashi dominguez

According to survey, a quarter of brides (24%) would change their wedding ring – and one in eight would swap their wedding band (13%). – Daily Mail

Still looking for that perfect Royal ring? Look no further. Kate Middleton’s dazzling 18-carat sapphire ring – which had been passed down from Princess Diana is the perfect choice! Yes, diamond’s are and will always be a woman’s best friend, but the “Commoner’s Sapphire” have been finding its way to women’s heart. The royal ring that commoners can afford was worth £28,000 in 1981, but is now valued £300,000. The royal gem had been turned into a legacy.

Kate Middleton Commoners Sapphire ring

Ready to steal the look? Vashi offers the “Commoner’s Sapphire” for a fraction of the cost and is available in the following selection:

  • Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring in 9k White Gold – £999
  • Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring in 18k White Gold – £1,609

kate middleton ring

definitely a great deal and a must have item for every women (as well as bride’s to be!).

FACT: Sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds and the only reason it is less expensive because the demand for them is lower.

Why choose Vashi’s creation? Each jewellery piece is carefully hand crafted in their workshop by expert craftsmen and diamond setters. Each product comes with a free engraving, lifetime warranty, easy return and even financing. Need a specific design? That’s all covered too! Shoppers can easily create their very own bespoke ring and earrings catered to their preference. is a luxury brand delivering the finest diamonds and jewellery founded by Vashi Dominguez.

Vashi is a world renowned expert in the diamond industry earning himself the title of “Diamond Expert” and “Ring Master”. His collection features elegant diamonds and exquisite gemstones that were all carefully handpicked by Vashi himself. Each piece goes through his high standards that 9 out of 10 get rejected. A full collection of curated earrings, bracelets, necklaces as well as engagement, wedding and anniversary rings are offered in his website.

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