Get Your Smile Camera-Ready with Crest 3D Flexfit Whitestrips

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According to statistics and studies, weddings are one of the most photographed days in a person’s life. It’s one of those days wherein almost each and every guests will have their photos taken with the groom and the bride. So if you are about to get married, you must be fully prepared and ready when the big moment comes. Aside from the gown or suit and makeup you will wear, you must also get your smile camera-ready by making your pearly white teeth shine.

Below are some of my best tips and tricks that can help you rock that smile!

Brush With Baking Soda + Lemon Mixture
Baking soda is probably one of the most popular ingredients that you can use to whiten your teeth at home. If you partner it with Lemon extract, then you will have a super mixture or solution. The Vitamin C in lemon extract plus the reaction of baking soda on your teeth can effectively remove yellowish stain. Mix them up in a bowl and carefully apply the mixture on your teeth for a minute before brushing them off. Don’t leave it for more than a minute as it might damage your tooth enamel. Do this only once per week.

Baking Soda Lemon Mixture

Eat Strawberries
This is arguably the easiest, painless and effortless way to whiten your teeth. Because strawberries are considered as natural teeth whiteners (because of an an enzyme called malic acid and vitamin C), eating this delicious fruit on a regular basis could be really helpful. Just make sure to chew them well to allow its extract reach your teeth.

strawberry natural teeth whiteners

Use Whitening Strips
Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss alone can’t really whiten up your teeth. But if you partner it with whitening strips, it’s a different story. If the above tips are not an option for you and you are running out of time to get those pearly white teeth, using effective whitening strips would definitely be your best option.

Crest Whitestrips

Just recently, I tried the Crest Whitestrips. Basing from my experience, I can truly attest that it delivers what it promises and works wonders! Within a few days of application, I managed to attain whiter teeth without professional treatment. I can really tell and see that there is a difference on my teeth color.

Crest Whitestrips

For those of you whose big day is just around the corner I strongly suggest to skip the baking soda tricks or eating strawberries and head on right ahead to try Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips. The strips uses the same enamel-safe, teeth-whitening ingredients dentists use so you can be sure that its totally safe for your gums and teeth.

Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips

In only 2 weeks, Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips can whiten teeth as well as a $500 laser treatment (based on their clinical tests and studies)! So if you’re ready to look fresh, pampered, natural and radiant – make sure to give these amazing strips try … I promise, they’re worth checking out.

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