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Fur-fect Footwear for the Traveling Diva

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Most of you know already that I am running on a different schedule again. My body clock had been turned upside down after shifting to “Owl Mode” … or simply for staying up at night and sleeping in the morning. Sounds lame that way so I prefer Owling, Owl mode to refer to it. Ha! I’m corny that way.

Anywhoo, this morn I got awakened at 10-ish in the morn by a short buzz. Prolly just 2-3 seconds long. I almost missed it! Then I realized I am not dreaming and that is the main gate buzzer for visitors / mail and package delivery. You can already imagine how I sprang out of bed and rush through the receiving line. Not as fast Flash but I did try … barefoot too! All I can remember is saying “un momento per favore, sto arrivando” which translates to “one moment please, I am coming …” I wasn’t even wearing proper clothes, my tank top, shorts jammies and no glasses. Could barely see anything but was able to sign for the package. Ha! I got skills I tell yah. So I went back upstairs, tossed the box on the couch, went back to sleep and looked at the package later on. Only to be surprised with this adorable Fur-fect Lindsay Sable fluffy boots from Spartoo!

Madness I tell you! It came just in time for my upcoming vacation … yes I’m going on another vacation. Short one, so no worries … and no surprise health check or operation okay? 🙂 I better hurry updating my travel blog as all my travel pictures and stories had been piling up like crazy!

Since it is getting quite cold now having muck boots here is absolutely a must! Plus, walking around and sight seeing would be a pain in the foot if I freeze myself to death. I need to be able to enjoy or that’s like money wasted. Beats the purpose of trying to go for a short vacation if I can’t explore.

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  1. Yesha

    September 28, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Love it sis <3 Can't wait to see those lovely pairs on you. OOTD post please :)

    I got that skill too only when signing for love packages LOL


  2. Lhyzie

    September 29, 2012 at 3:17 am

    i super love those boots!

  3. Jhen S

    October 3, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    wow! vacation. cool! have fun there! me likes the boots! :3


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