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Fringes are Back, Rocking the Music Scene and the Streets!

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Yes that’s right! It’s the return of the fringe. It’s been teetering on the…ahem…fringe of extinction for a couple of years but this year it is making a big comeback. And this time it’s noisy. Fringes are that enigmatic part of a hairstyle that either work or they don’t. It all depends on how it’s worn. And what’s in fashion this year is that punk attitude that is associated with the indie music scene. Those bangs that are verging on scruffy, ever so slightly too long that they have to be casually swept away from the eyes before falling back into position. Perhaps a “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look, or the type of hairstyle that looks fantastic with Glastonbury in the background.

Pioneering these looks are some of the best rock groups to date. Here’s the charismatic lead singer of The Kills, Alison Mosshart, demonstrating that effortlessly cool look that a fringe can contribute to:


Don’t forget Lady Gaga and Florence Welch also sport a neater, almost futuristic approach to the fringe that still has a touch of Andy Warhol about it. The pop art look is very much in this year. Vintage with an injection of modernist quality, new techniques and products applied to classic and iconic looks are what define 2012 as one of the most fashionable years ever. The attitude of the jazz-filled twenties and the sex-filled sixties has never been so prevalent in recent years as right now.

The indie fringe is grungy and, like a lot of fashion statements, helps to send out a vibe; your personality brought to the surface. If you are a carefree girl, into wearing boys’ clothing, dark eye-makeup, ripped denim shorts and bangles, then this hairstyle is a must for you. That’s not to say that the look won’t suit those who aren’t listening to Arctic Monkeys, hanging around with guys in bands and are far more on the alternative side of fashion.

For those who prefer a more glamorous, neater look, messy fringes can add that slight twist to make your fun, adventurous side stand out. You don’t have to go for either one or the other. Neither 100% tousled nor 100% prim. Mix it up a little and watch the results. They say you can teach fashion but you can’t teach style. And in part this is true. But you can direct people towards a stylish ethos. Instead of just going for a fringe because all the magazines (and this article) are telling you it’s in this year, think about whether it works with the look or vibe you are going for. And if you’re not sure, experiment. Be daring. You might surprise yourself.

For the best results make sure that your hairdresser understands the whole vibe you are going for. If you ask for fringes tell them if you want it messy or poker straight. If you’re not sure on how to describe it, simply take an example photo and they’ll…ahem…get the picture.

Here’s my version rocking a fringe:


Honestly, I look more like a hippie than a rock star. The earring I am wearing is the Cookies and Cream Bling from

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  1. I wanna have fringes again!! 😀 kaso nagkakapimples ako.. 🙁 kaya ayun.. pnapahaba ko na rin bangs ko. hihihihihi 😀 ganda mo labs! <3

  2. Yesha

    July 5, 2012 at 4:12 am

    OMMGGGG!!! Nice look and very cool!
    I love it
    Be it rock star or hippie you are still gorgeous *wink

  3. lhyzie

    July 5, 2012 at 11:09 am

    wee! bagay sayo sis 🙂

  4. Melle Lee

    July 6, 2012 at 5:12 am

    I also want to do fringes!! hahaha it’s dead na but you were able to revive it though.. very very pretty <3

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