Fashion Trends 2012; The Eighties Fashion That Is Back In Style

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80s Fashion
The eighties fashion was characterized by brightly colored clothing, chunky accessories especially the earrings and very dramatic hairdos. When the era was over most people must have sworn that they are never going back to the seemingly too loud fashions. However, for the past few seasons, there has been an increasing re-entry of the past fashions back into the catwalks and our wardrobes. Here is a list of the eighties fashions that are finding their way back into the fashion scene today.

Leggings and tights: leggings were a favorite item of clothing back in the eighties. They have somehow found their way back to the catwalks. The presence of leggings in the fashion shop is not expected to go away any time soon. Brightly colored tights are keeping up the bright colors that were so characteristic of the eighties. Leggings are a great accessory to have in the wardrobe. They can be paired up with shorts, legwarmers, and even short skirts to create a more different look.

Accessories: The most memorable thing about the eighties accessories was the sheer size. Among the pieces that are back in style are hoop earrings, chunky necklaces and big thick belts. These, coupled with dramatic hairdos such as long curls, hair bows and pixie cuts make a really interesting look. Another piece of accessory that is back in style is fingerless gloves and headbands that have big bows on the side. The eighties accessories are also being coupled with very brightly colored make up and dramatic cosmetics to bring the eighties feeling back to life.

Oversize and off shoulder T-shirts: Off shoulder T-shirts were really an alluring part of the eighties fashion. This is because they have the ability to make the wearer look sexy without being to exposing. Nowadays they are worn with belts and coupled with leggings and even skinny jeans to create a really nice look. Oversize T-shirts are worn in a similar fashion and will give the same cute look without being as daring as the off shoulder ones.

Shoulder pads: Another big part of the eighties fashion was the big and puffed up shoulder pads. The style is back in fashion and now almost all the dresses are featuring thick shoulder pads. The present day shoulder pads are however more conveniently made to ensure that the wearers have a little more comfort when wearing them. Today’s shoulder pads are also less pronounced than the eighties and they create a very nice and vintage look.

Granny boots and jellies: Many people who were around in the eighties will tell you that jellies were a must have when it came to shoes. The simplicity of their plastic nature coupled with the rainbow of colors made them really interesting to wear. However, the comfort experienced when wearing them could be the reason why they are back in the fashion scene. Granny boots are also back and they look as good as always. Coupled with skinny jeans and an oversized T-shirt with an oversized belt, they create a great eighties look.

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  1. ♔ Intuition ♫ MagicDrag ♔

    July 12, 2012 at 6:16 am

    im madly in love with leggings and over size and off shoulder Ts lately! never knew they are from the 80s 🙂

  2. Diane von Furstenberg 

    July 13, 2012 at 9:42 am

    korean fashion at its best…

  3. Freedressing Campaign

    October 26, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    I love watching the revival of 80s fashion. Legwarmers, leggings, and oversized sweatshirts are too cute! I just wish more men could enjoy these awesome clothes 🙂

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