Easy Nail Art with Nail Stickers

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Most often than not, my busy day gets the best of me leaving with little to no time at all for my manicure. I would like to consider myself to be the fashion forward type and honestly I would love to be flaunting more nail designs too! What good will it be that I am all dolled-up and yet my nails are simply saying otherwise. Terrible!

Even on the go I can take care of my manicure as I do have my manicure tool kit which I will eventually share and feature as it really is something to brag about and a must have for women with busy and hectic schedule. As much as I love having fancy nails, frequenting the salon will be terribly expensive specially I am one to have my hands soaked in water multiple times in one day. Kills the whole essence of a well manicured nails! Which is why I have to find an alternative and the quickest way that I found is using Nail Art Stickers on top of a nail polish. Check out my photos below…

Pick a Nail Polish

Nail Art Sticker

Prep your Nail Stickers

Nail Art Sticker

Pick one and Apply

Nail Art Sticker

Finish it up with a Top Coat!

PNail Art Sticker

All Done!

Nail Art Sticker

Nail Art Sticker

Easy and adds up zest in plain bland nails! Totally recommended. Each sheet contains between 30 and 60+ stickers so this means that you can complete mutliple manicures or share with friends. This product is extremely affordable at only £1.25 each at Onlinenailbar.com with fantastic range of designs.

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  1. the pink enigma

    March 22, 2012 at 7:32 am

    I love those pastel colors!! <3 whoaa! I have a bunch of nail art stickers too. they're quite cheap here 😀

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