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Dressing in Style in Turkey

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I guess not many people know much about Turkey, only that it is a Muslim country in Europe. It is a democratic republic with a diverse cultural heritage, which over the years, has become increasingly Westernized. Although most Turks are Muslims, Turkish society is modern and European dress styles are prevalent. If you are planning to visit Turkey, just dress the way you normally do. People may also think that because of the religion there are no forms of amusement in Turkey which is really not the case. Turkish people enjoy eating, drinking and dancing. There are restaurants, bars, discos, and tea gardens where men and women go to chill with their friends. Thus, investing on overseas property seems to be like a very good idea especially for Muslim fashion designers.

Turkish Fashion

muslim fashion turkey turkish

A lot of observant Muslim women modestly dress in light cover-all topcoat and dresses with the right length of hemlines and sleeves as well as a headscarf when out in public. Wearing a veil is prohibited. There are some women who wear a burka, a dress where the body is fully covered with a veil, but they most probably came from another country. In recent years, Turkey’s economy has grown considerably and this has benefited not only the urban elites but also the urban middle class. More people are living in luxury, spending money buying beautiful houses, dining in fancy restaurants, and shopping for designer brands like Louboutin, Gucci, Stella McCartney etc. But there are a lot of local designers making waves in Turkey’s fashion industry and who can probably also make it big in other countries.

muslim fashion turkey turkish

In order to promote Turkish brands and for Turkish designers to be recognized internationally, fashion shows are regularly staged. Spring and summer trends showcase a lot of ethnic, modern, bold, and geometric patterns. Slim, long, loose, and flowing clothes made from fabrics like leather and suede are in vogue. Black, white and pale-blue dresses with simple cuts and silhouettes are also making their mark. Turkish women are really becoming more stylish and chic because of these talented designers.

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