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Dowry by Neon Collection

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Featuring a new collection from Neon Brazil is a set of enamels that is totally worth snagging! To my brazilian and non-brazilian readers these babies are surely worth all the hype!

Each jars are personalized with a Chic imprint with a little heart logo in the middle while the packaging is covered with a beautiful pattern of colorful pain splatter. Each of the glazes are inspired by the muses of Dudu and Rita. Check out the swatches:

1. Alice – which is derived from the name of Rita’s mother. The color is in Bright Pink!
2. Diana – Tribute to Diana Vreeland. Vogue America’s fashion editor from 1963 to 1971. The color is in Classic Red.
3. Yufon – Inspired by the designer Christine Yufon who is based in Brazil. The color is black with a hint of silver glitter!
4. Musa – Dedicated to Rita’s grandmother whom had greatly influenced the work of the Neon because of her unique style. The color is mixed vibrant color of green and turquoise.
5. Cristina – Dedictaed to fashion journalist Cristina Franco. The color is in Cobalt blue.
6. Danuza – Inspired by journalist / writer Danuza Lion. The color is a mixture of magenta and violet.

Each polishes are very well-pigmented and creamy texture. No detailed information on pricing and point of sale as of the moment, but you can keep yourselves up to date on Dowry’ main website.

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