Do Men Trust Women in Terms of Fashion?

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Fashion Savvy Men

Men are more fashion conscious than ever and like to dress independently. But do men trust the judgement of their partners when it comes to buying clothes and choosing outfits?

A survey of 1000 men has revealed men’s attitudes when it comes to fashion and their partners. For ladies who want to influence their man’s fashion decisions, there is a decent chance that they will get their wish. Around 30% of men trust their partner’s judgement when it comes to fashion, and/or think their partner knows what looks good on them and has a better eye for how things look.

The survey reveals a trend of men becoming more self-conscious in terms of fashion, with nearly a quarter of men admitting to thinking about what they are wearing twice of more times a day, while nearly a third of men said they have made fun of their friends because of what they were wearing.

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