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If there’s one thing I am proud of, that is doing things on my own. Whether it be for my makeup, my hair, or even for my nails I pretty much try to do it myself. My excuse is that why would I want to pay someone to do my nails when I can do it just as well? Needless to say, in my opinion it is pointless to spend $30 on my nails only after a week that it will start to chip off. No matter what brand or of quality it is, I always do kitchen chores daily that pretty much any nail polish, art, or even fake nails can withstand. So I ordered my own kit for my nails.

My customized kit:


In nail design, I realized that a dotting tool is very essential. It helps make that precise size of circles like for flowers, butterflies, or even bees. Then if I don’t feel like designing my own nails, I can simply stamp away using the pink stamper and a konad nail design plate or simply glue in some decoden or gem stones. I can’t believe I waited this long to get one. Now, I have my nails looking so pretty and girly!

What do you guys think? Do you guys do your own nail art? If so, please do share them. Thanks!

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