Christmas in Holland

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For Christmas, ze boyf surprised me for a trip back to Holland. We both love the Netherlands and we often visit as much as we can. Which is why I am really thrilled that we are staying over for a few days! Totally awesome, I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas celebration. I’m very happy and thankful. I love you my King!

Ryan AirScenery Plane View Clouds SkyScenery Plane View Clouds SkyScenery Plane View Clouds SkyEindhoven Nethelands HollandEindhoven Nethelands HollandEindhoven Nethelands Holland

We love the party spots, and we love the food like crazy! Not that we don’t love Italy, it’s just that living in Italy for a few years, you start missing the typical American food. Then in addition to that, we both love Asian dishes and can’t get enough of sushi with tons of wasabi. This time around, instead of going around town we plan to spend most of our time indoors clubbing and partying. 🙂 We want to end this year having a great time.

Amsterdam Netherlands HollandAmsterdam Netherlands HollandAmsterdam Netherlands Holland

For our lunch we had eat all you can sushi [which I forgot to snap pics of, as we were just super excited] while for dinner we had an eat all you can ribs in our fave. Sports bar. Boyf had a great time as we watch some basketball game and tear down our meal.

Amsterdam Netherlands HollandAmsterdam Netherlands Holland

… this time around I did try out other food as well. I have been keeping an eye out on the sports bar’s nachos and chicken soup so I have added that to my typical order. As much as I am trying to watch over my food consumption, it’s the holidays. I gave myself another “excuse” to pig-out. When I say that, I don’t mean say it lightly. I can literally eat like crazy. Truth be told, I still don’t know anyone who can out-eat me on my hungriest day. We decided to return to our hotel for a bit to rest before we head out clubbing. So while boyfie is resting, here I am blogging. 😉 Merry Christmas everyone! xx

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