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Causes of Wrinkles and Prevention Tips

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Wrinkles are a result of ageing. Although one cannot fight the ageing the way they want, the process can be slowed. The concept of “age with grace” is what one should look out for and be realistic and accept it as a part of life.

The fine lines can occur on your face if you do not be careful of the actual causes of wrinkles.

Smoking Is a Killer

Continuous smoking results in ageing of the skin faster than normal. Smoking results in lack of blood supply which in-turn harms your natural skin.

Heredity Factors

Wrinkles are also related to your genes. If your parents aged gracefully, chances are you too might be spared from having wrinkles.

Exposure to Sun

The more your skin is exposed to the sun; higher are your chances of being prone to wrinkles.

Kind of Job

If you have a field job where you have to be under the sun, you will tend to develop wrinkles faster.

High Levels of Sugar

If you have a massive sweet tooth and cannot do without indulging in sweets after every meal – you cannot complaint about those fine lines. Higher level of sugar consumption leads to formation of fine lines as sugar damages the collagen in your skin.

Simple tips to have a smooth wrinkle free skin

Following some easy guidelines can make your skin look truly wrinkle free and you do not have to depend on those cosmetic products.

Cut That Sugary Cost

Cut down sugar from your diet. Sugar is a silent killer and consuming foods that have added sugar or the processed foods can definitely harm your skin. You should try not to consume more than 10% of the total calories through sugar.

Sunscreen – a Must!

Wear a good sunscreen that suits your skin type. Sunscreen is like a tonic for skin and is extremely essential whenever you are exposed to the sun.

Hydrate Your Skin

Drink a lot of water. Water will bring the glow back on your skin and keep it looking fresh.

Don’t Compromise On Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep directly affects your skin. A quality sleep of 7-8 hours helps rejuvenating your skin and is less prone to formation of wrinkles.

Exercise – a No Compromising Zone

Working out your body not only helps brining in back the lost momentum to your life but also makes your skin look radiant. Take out those 20-30 minutes and let your skin breathe and flush out the toxins. Try to check out some tumbler compost to keep your backyard or front yard fresh while working out.

Natural Therapy

Turmeric is excellent for wrinkled skin. You could make a paste of turmeric and lemon juice and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Apple juice and pineapple juice is also very helpful for treating wrinkles on your face.

Lemony Trick

Lemon extracts used to form a paste or simply take a lemon and scrub it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Having lemon juice on a daily basis also reduces the wrinkles. Uplift your dietary requirements for a better skin.

Ensure Adequate Supply of Vitamin E

A healthy body demands adequate supply of vitamins. Vitamin E is an essential for good skin. You can supplement it in form of tablets or enrich your food which contains it. Almonds and spinach are naturally rich in vitamin E.

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