Beauty Editorial Collaboration: My Candy Doll Haul

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Hello my dearest makeup junkies! I’m sure y’all are craving and waiting for my next makeup / beauty post. Just so y’all know I have quite a few makeup goodies in line for review already and I am just taking some of my sweet time sharing outfit post as 1st the outfit post came first before the makeup goods and 2nd it is the most request post in my poll. 😛 Nonetheless, that just makes everything a lot more exciting! Plus… I have a new haul that is yet to make you all drool — “Candy Doll Collection” from Tokyo Ninki which just came in today!

There’s so much to dish out so watch out for my review and makeup tutorials! Yep. Here’s a few pictures I took using my phone… *I was that excited!*

The Packaging

Candy Doll Candydoll TokyoNinki

All the Goodies!


Candy Doll Makeup Book feat. Tsubasa

Candy Doll Candydoll TokyoNinki

Makeup Haul

Candy Doll Candydoll TokyoNinki

As you may have noticed on the second picture, I simply emptied out the package to reveal the goodies. My eyes just rolled out with such amazement! Will keep y’all posted. So please check back again within a few days to read my review. There will be a few parts of it as obviously I got tons!

Aside from that I have made a banner for my vlog intro and end so it shows a representation of my collaboration with Tokyo Ninki. Check it out…

Tokyo Ninki

Tokyo Ninki

You can watch my Vlog Here…

I hope you find this short post interesting and if you do have any comments, suggestion, or request feel free to let me know so I can answer them as much as I can. Kindly visit as I can guarantee you will love their site! Let me know what y’all think! Alrighty, til’ next xox.

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  1. CandyDoll @ Tokyoninki

    March 22, 2012 at 3:55 am

    Visit to purchase CandyDoll items above 🙂 

  2. rhen

    April 6, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    hmm I’m kinda skeptical with CandyDoll makeups. are they good??

    check out my recent haul here:

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