Can You Feel the Beat?

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The weather today is still quite gloomy. Don’t get me wrong, I love this weather and it is very relaxing. perfect for while watching some of my tv show marathon. Except today, I can really use some energetic vibe to help me finish off more task. Yes, I have tons of blogging task to do, not just my product reviews and promotion which is why I am trying my best to find time for every blog that I manage. Yea, what else is new. Since I have tons of blogs at hands it gets quite overwhelming at times to keep all my blogs updated in a daily basis. So from time to time I take breaks and if you’re a follower on twitter, get glue and on foursquare you will see at times where I just let go to try and relax. Watching anime, tv shows, travelling, food tasting, and of course playing games and listening to music. All these task are mostly done at the convenience of my iPhone. Here’s an artistic shot of my beloved partner in crime…

iPhone Bling

Yes. Music makes me stronger. Most people have the same opinion. Ask my best friend Rochelle and she’d defo agree without batting her lashes. Music is a form of expression. With the right music, beat and harmony we get to express our emotions. Some lyrics even provide some so called support. Like a reminder of how things should be. It can also act like a wake up call sharing lyrics of the same exact situation and how they feel. We know there are times that we need Empathy and not Sympathy. If only I know how to play the guitar I’d be strumming my heart off and even join Line 6 Guitars or if I had just kept practicing playing the organ I can actually claim that I have some musical talent. I’m not like my mom who can sing and play drums or like my grandmother and great grandma who can sing… oh well. That won’t stop me from singing out of tune at home.

Nonetheless, I love my life and all the perks that comes with it. All the good and the bad has its own benefit. In my opinion it may be hard and most often than not trials hurt like crazy but it is what makes me a better and stronger person. Enough about my rants… I just want to share some new packages that came in today.

Yes, tons more of products to review. I could barely keep up. I might end up making two review post in one day. Except… can I really do two post a day on this blog when I got other blogs too? Uh-oh. We shall see. For those of you who joined my contact lens giveaway, I have finally announced the winner on the contest page. For those of you who didn’t know who won… check out the snap below…

Mish Rendon

Mish and I have already been in touch and have forwarded her details to JNK. Let’s hope she gets her item fast and that she will love what they have in store for her. For those of you who didn’t win… don’t loose hope. I am about to open and announce a new contest this week. Hopefully I get to announce it this week. So keep checking out my latest update so you can be updated! Let me know what you think! xox

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