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Looking to tie knot soon? Wondering how to achieve a posh wedding and stay on a budget? Then this post is a must-read as I am going to share some tips and pointers that will definitely get you started on the right track!

First things first, plan ahead … know your budget and figure out your theme preference – color, setting and most of all location. Why is location the most important? Because choosing where your big day will be held will also determine what décor, color and set-up would work best with each other and make it blend harmoniously. Then of course looking for the products and where to shop at comes next. I highly suggest checking out Michael Dark for florist craft supplies that would be perfect for almost all your wedding and craft-related needs.

Michael Dark

Flowers, Petals & Butterflies – best for decorating chairs, walkway / aisle, and even center pieces on tables. Some would prefer garland but magnetic and self-adhesive one works out too.

Balloons – they make the perfect accent to fill in a room or a venue. If not as an accent it can also be used as a beautiful backdrop for pictures or as an arc so visitors can take beautiful pictures for memories.

Candles – the classic décor, beautiful as a center piece or can also be adorned with flower and be given away as wedding favors … and maybe add some gems too!

Feathers – can be used as a venue décor or a way to end a beautiful ceremony by having feathers cascade downwards or pour out like rain.

Tissue – the most affordable option especially for the budget-conscious and can make beautiful paper art and confetti’s!

For more tips and inspirational wedding photographs make sure to visit Pinterest as there are a lot of users who shares their DIY ideas and guide. Now it’s time to make your dream wedding come to life. Most often than not, it only looks difficult but they’re definitely possible to achieve and bring to life. Hopefully you find this post interesting and helpful. Feel free to leave some comments to share your opinion. xo

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