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Born Pretty – A Diva in the Making

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Yes… everyone wants to be born pretty. Who wouldn’t anyway? We all do. I’d be naive if I’d say I didn’t want to be born with it. Its just like seeing those popular actors and actresses without any cosmetic surgery enhancement and despite their age they still look damn good. Throughout Hollywood it is very well obvious that most resort to enhancement, or a little tuck, pinch there, and even a few botox to freeze their sagging and aging skin. By all means if I see or have encountered someone who is aging gracefully without going under the knife, I can’t help but express my appreciation. I am not against cosmetic surgery. but I obviously can’t afford it. Would I give up on trying to look good? Of course not. In my opinion, as long as you know where to start and continue to care for yourself you will one way or another reap positive results in the long run. Which is why in my own little way I try my best to look good and feel good about myself, without having to spend so much money. Let’s put it this way.. It’s like trying out a new pair of seamed pantyhose, you have to wiggle your way through in order for it to fit comfortably. Same goes with life. If you don’t try, you’ never know.

My recent haul of Eye Shadow and Nail Art Plate was sent to me by and as you can see on the pictures the eye shadow set have a nice range of color mixture. I’m really excited to try out some new shading and looks specially I haven’t tried a new look in weeks. Then of course the lovely nail art plate so I can stamp away some beautiful nail design without having to spend much on salons. I’m just not big on getting my manicure done on salons as obviously with my household chores, my nails if doomed to get chipped right away. Last time I spent a good amount getting my nails done in less than 24 hours two nails had already been chipped and scraped. FML. Blame the knife and fork when washing dishes. With this tool I can just go on and re-do my nails anytime that it is convenient. The only investment I need is a good nail polish. Here’s a sample of how it looks [PS: I have dyed my hair dark brown again]….

Born Pretty Born Pretty Born Pretty Born Pretty

Lovely don’t you think? …and i didn’t have to spend all that much. Just had to do my nails while watching my favorite tv show. Yes I know I did one hand multi colored… since I wanted to feature different shades and different design. 😛 Too bad my camera got blurry. Still getting used to the adjustment and all specially with my new lighting kit. For those of you who have question, comments, or suggestion feel free to let me know. Til’ next! Watch out fot my tutorial and how to’s! xox

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