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Sometime in August while I was in the middle of my vacation in Atlanta I have received an email from Belletto Studio asking me if I am interested to review their airbush makeup system. Since it would be my very first airbrush kit I did not hesitate to immediately say yes. I must admit, everything related to Beauty and Fashion excites me the most. After a few exchange of emails and resolving some address issue they finally got to ship the kit out.

Last week the Belletto Studio Airbrush Makeup Kit arrived and I immediately unpacked it and checked it out.

Belletto StudioBellettoBellettoBellettoBellettoBelletto
Before and After
Belletto Studio Airbrush
Excuse the fugly “before” photo … I really had to force myself to share it so y’all can see what air brush make-up can do. ♥ Applied primer, foundation, blush and eyeshadow using Belletto Studio airbrush makeup ツ

Belletto Studio AirbrushBelletto Studio Airbrush
As much as I don’t want to admit, I look really pale like a zombie. My yellow skin undertone needs quite a tan but I rarely ever go out under the sun. If I am, I stay under the shady area. Another fact … my bar of soap is “Sutla” with skin whitening extract. So my face needs quite some work when it comes to makeup so I can look like a living person again. Yep. Everything on my face on the photo above [except for the eyebrow filling and lipstick] had been fixed up by the Belletto Studio Airbrush Makeup Kit and I swear, it exceeded all my expectation.

No wonder the celebrity’s are into airbrushed makeup! The application is such a breeze and does not leave any smears or uneven tone. Perfection at the tip of my fingers! This absolutely fab airbrush system is available at and one thing is for sure, it is the best change you’ll ever try out. From typical, old fashion makeup application to the airbrush system, it is almost impossible not to fall in love.

With all honesty I am sharing my real opinion regarding this system/kit. I have no way to compare it with any other airbrush system as this is my very first one. All I know is that my experience with this kit is perfect and without any hassle. All the liquid foundation, blush and shade are hypo-allergenic [made in the US] and I did not have any issue with breakouts.

Also, I’ll make sure to post another update with a thorough review of this system and how to use it with easy to follow steps. Let me know what you think! xox

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  1. Andy Cuevas

    October 10, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Nice! A very flawless finish indeed! Is it easy to use an airbrush system? Anyhoo, new follower here.. Saw your link on BBU Group in Facebook


  2. jennifer marshall

    February 13, 2014 at 1:38 am

    I ordered this system last July and loved it at first, however, once it breaks you are out of luck. They will not honor their warranty! They want me to spend $30 to replace the airbrush gun that has a supposed lifetime warranty and send my original back. I wouldn’t recommend after this experience, customer service has stopped responding.

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