Being Carefree and Letting Go

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Most of the time I blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and related topics. Some of you follows this blog for the reason that you might find something interesting. Which is why from time to time I like to share my personal take on things from personal experience. Like I always say, I am not a professional but I have tried a lot of products or DIY so called projects to see things that works and don’t. In my opinion some people may find it worthy to know what have worked for me and what hasn’t to save some time.

My age is not a secret at all… I’m 25 and I am not getting any younger. Which is why trying to find the best skin care product is a part of my priority. Except it is not just about beauty products. It is also about proper hygiene, what we eat and how we deal with stress. Let me make it clear, just because you’re partying and having fun does not define being stress free. You can also be abusing your body that way. The key to all this is moderation and knowing your limit. I am not one to hold back too much but I do go out from time to time and hang out with friends. Yep. As a matter of fact I just got back home from a Beerpong where we shoot balls in a cup of beer in hopes that we can make our oppenent drink up the most beer.

Even if I have joined this little game, I actually did not take part of consuming the beer. LOL. So yea my friends are loosing already over that. All I’m saying is that just have fun and make the best of your time. If you know what’s best for you go for it. If you have doubts then don’t do it. We do have basic knowledge of what can be good for our health or not. If you wish to know more about health and such I suggest to go for a medical career. I do have a bit knowledge but that’s all from my family members who are actually in the medical field. My best friend Razielle is actually a registered nurse and I bug her all the time for any health related question that I have. LOL. At one point she suggested that I go for the same career and take a medical teaching course so I can learn the information I want to know first hand. Who knows… maybe someday.

So what is so promising with this site compare to the other ones? Unlike other site they have a wide range of beneficial courses like consultant interview course, medical teaching course, medical management course, teach the teacher course and the list goes on. Who wouldn’t want a reliable and stable company they can lean on? We all do. Plus, Oxford Medical have competitive prices that had been tested and proven by my very best friend so I am sure she wouldn’t recommend something that I can’t benefit from.

Also, Oxford medical have been around since 2004 and have established great feedback in the medical and health industry. In my opinion it really is worth checking out. For those of you who wishes to pursue a medical career check out their site to see what they have to offer.

Alright I am off to bed. Til’ next xox!

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