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Beauteque October Mask Maven

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As I have mentioned last week, aside from the October BB bag, Beauteque also sent me their October Mask MavenBeauteque’s Brunch: A Dining-Out Delight ❞ – this month’s theme is quite interesting as it focuses on foods ranging from honey, yogurt, egg and tangerine. A collection of ingredients that will surely nourish, firm, moisturize and soothe – making it a full gourmet meal for our face.

Before jumping on to my product review, I will give you an overview of Beauteque Monthly Mask Maven.

Just like the BB Bag, the Mask Maven is a subscription based product. Each bag contains 9-11 masks that varies from sheet masks, hand and feet masks, wash off masks, eye masks and more. Every month, subscribers will be given a different type of masks to test out.

Mask Maven Subscription Options!

  • month to month for $15 each bag
  • 3 months – $15 per bag
  • 6 months – $14 per bag
  • 12 months – $13 per bag

These prices exclude shipping fees which will depend at the country you reside in. Choosing the month to month option will get you billed every 20th of the month. Also take note that if you subscribed after the 10th of the month, you will be receiving next month’s goodies (ex. If you subscribe on Nov 11th, you will receiving the December’s bag). Mask Maven bags are shipped out every 20th of the month.

If ever you’re considering on checking out and trying their products, use the code ❝ KOREANDOLL ❞ to save 10% on any Beauteque Monthly subscription.

Just to be crystal clear, due to the nature of Mask Maven and that most of its contents are not revealed to a customer until opened, those who have allergies with certain products won’t be able to return or replace their item in case it contains something they are allergic with. The following information is clearly written on their webpage ❝ it is to the customer’s understanding upon purchase that he/she takes the chance that a product may be one he/she is allergic to or dislikes ❞. However, for the avid K-beauty fanatic one can check COSDNA.com to check for ingredient list. Problem solved! ????

Now for the products, here’s what I got from their Mask Maven …
Beauteque October Mask Maven Review

Beauteque October Mask Maven

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Product Breakdown

Esfolio Egg Essence Mask

Esfolio Egg Essence Mask

Esfolio Egg Essence Mask Review

This mask contains egg yolk extract that makes it thick and creamy when applied. It has a light, sweet and really clean scent. The egg essence mask gives a very good moisturizing effect.

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Product Breakdown

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