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In the world of fashion and beauty blogging … finding the right accessory to accessorize ensembles with is a big deal. From my perspective, accessories are like ammo’s for weapons. Put it this way, in every war it is essential to have reliable weaponry and ammunition. Same concept applies to the world of fashion and as well as beauty. The quality and design is what really matters and not the price tag or brand. I highly doubt there would be any soldier out in the field saying “hey it’s not the brand of my choice” … instead, they would pick whichever would be best to equip.

From my perspective, fashion is a way to express and re-create myself. My personality and mood can be reflected on how I wear my clothes and as well as accessories. One of the many accessories I love to utilize is specs or much better known as glasses or sunnies. Which is why when Giant Vintage sent me a few of their items to try out, I was more than thrilled! Check out the styles of the specs I received …

Giant VintageGiant VintageGiant

7 designs altogether! One specs a day to love. Each day I can incorporate one design with my choice of ensemble. Isn’t that fabulous? I feel such a primadonna just thinking about the idea! Below are some samples of looks I tried with the specs …

Ze Geek Girl … off work

Lovely design and style right? If you love these … then you’ll love as they have more styles to choose from than you could ever imagine. Truth be told, I felt quite overwhelmed whenever I check out their site. The styles and assortments are so wide I can practically find just about any design I could ever ask for. Has any of you visited them yet? Let me know what y’all think! xx

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