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August 2011 Fashion Week Schedule

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If English is the universal language for all of us to communicate … I’d say Fashion is our universal unspoken language to represent ourselves. Through fashion we get to re-invent, re-create and share our personality and passion without even having to explain ourselves through words. Action speaks louder than words after all … so let’s take over that runway!

August 2011 Fashion WeekAugust 2011 Fashion WeekAugust 2011 Fashion WeekAugust 2011 Fashion Week

Copenhagen- Copenhagen Fashion Week
August 3-7

Stockholm- Stockholm Fashion Week
August 8-14

Oslo, Norway- Oslo Fashion Week
August 8-14

San Francisco- San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFMA) Fashion Week
August 8-14

Upper Malboro, Maryland- Maryland Fashion Week
August 8-14

Stockholm- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
August 9-11

Baltimore, MD- Baltimore Fashion Week
August 18-21

Brisbane, AU- Fashion Festival Brisbane
August 20-26

Austin, TX- Austin Fashion Week
August 20-27

Sydney, AU- Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival
August 22-26

Omaha, NE- Omaha Fashion Week
August 22-27

St. Charles, MO- Greater St. Charles Fashion Week
August 24-27

Bali- Bali Fashion Week
August 24-29

Mpumalanga, South Africa- Mpumalanga September Fashion Week
August 28-Sept 4

New Zealand- New Zealand Fashion Week
August 29-Sept 3

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