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Amsterdam, Ik hou van jou!

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One of the biggest highlight on my recent trip to Amsterdam was finally getting to see the I Amsterdam sign. I’ve been to Netherlands for so many times already and yet the weather had always been muggy with strong winds if not completely raining. Somehow, I’m already getting this idea that I will never get the chance to see the famous I Amsterdam sign. This time around though, the weather had been very beautiful. Not the entire trip, but having at least most of it was more than enough.

We started off the day walking around Museumplein. Yes, I have stated on my previous post that I would of rather let y’all know about my trio on my travel blog and that is still the case. I am only sharing tidbits here for the sake of what I wore that day.

Amsterdam NetherlandsAmsterdam NetherlandsAmsterdam NetherlandsAmsterdam NetherlandsAmsterdam Netherlands

My outfit was very simple. Kept myself warm with a Polo Ralph Lauren sweater [which I originally purchased for boyf, and he never wore it so I started wearing it myself]. Then under the sweater I wore a plain white shirt over electric blue jeans. The fluffy boots is from Spartoo.

The view is really nice, and I am simply in love. Why can’t they have a better weather over there? I really love the Fall season in Amsterdam, NL. I can seriously see myself living there. Then again, I pretty have been all over Netherlands so I would prefer to visit another country next. If you’re wondering what will I be visiting next, check out my travel blog for clues. ‘Til next! xox

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