A Beautiful Christmas

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Hi everyone! Merry merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas Eve celebration went as well as ours. Since we are not home with our families, we don’t get to celebrate it the traditional way. That means, no noche Buena, or exchange of gifts under the Christmas tree. Despite that, we have each other and we get to party and have fun together. So we went clubbing and bar hopping last night until this morning. Yep. We didn’t get back to our hotel until 6-ish in the morning. I’m quite drunk actually when we got back. LOL.

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I am truly grateful to have a very loving and caring man. Normally, I am the one who takes care of cleaning up and looking after our stuff in the hotel. Seriously, I was in a terrible shape when I got up. I had a really bad hang-over and could barely function. I badly needed coffee … or anything warm to perk me up from my hang over. To my surprise, boyf picked up my weight and took care of the rest … even the packing. Yes, we had to pack early morning as boyfie planned for us to travel 3 different cities for our Christmas celebration. Don’t I have an awesome man? Yes I do! 🙂

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Boyf took us to an eat all you can buffet sushi for lunch … like I asked. Except this time around, I am not able to eat as much as I normally would. 🙁 Felt bad about it. We even had to take taxi to get around as I really have a bad headache. When we got to our next hotel … boyfie gave me his Christmas prezzie. *melts my heart*

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I hope your Christmas went as awesome. I had a blast and I am very happy, I couldn’t ask for anything better. This is the best ever. I love you my King. Thank you for everything. xx

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