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We all have those days … the meh and the blah days that we just can’t seem to figure out what to wear. Who doesn’t want to look their best at all times? We all do. Even on our so-called down days. On this post we’ll tackle a few pointers that can serve as a style shortcut all year long.

Go sporty – yes, let’s just admit that sometimes we don’t feel like dressing up at all. Go for it! Just make it look like it was planned and add a little sass and effort by adding the right accessory to your dress down look (check out Tesco for their cute and fashionable earphones and headphones).

The Vamp – you can’t go wrong with a red lipstick. Wear your best lip forward and make a dull look pop. Feeling too bright? Try a warmer shade of red. Believe it or not, lipsticks have a big role with one’s overall look.

Suit Up – throw a suit coat on top of anything. Looking sharp isn’t as difficult as it may seem … it’s all about colors and combination. Want a semi formal style? Wear a shirt and skirt combo. How about looking formal? Kick it up a notch with a shirt and trouser mix.

Armed and Dangerous – accessorize! Bags and jewelries will make everything you wear instantly fiercer. Plus, accessories are an all year long quick fix. No worries on going out of style. Simply mix and match and presto! You got a whole new ensemble.

Design Play – highbrow up your wardrobe with a mix of bright shades and prints! Animal prints are in … from cheetah, leopard and even zebra! Let the prints do all the talking. No extra efforts needed, just dress up and leave an impression.

365 style shortcuts

Shopping for the right product can get you through an all year long trend. All you have to do is mix and match and accessorize. Feel free to bookmark this post or share to your friends for a handy style shortcut guide. Don’t forget to check out my other post for your fashion, beauty and shopping fix. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to share in the comment box. Happy shopping!

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