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How To Keep an Organized Home in 5 Simple Steps

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Since 2009 I’ve decided to leave my day job and focus on the things that I love to do. From there, I have been a full time blogger taking my job with me whenever, wherever. Basically, it isn’t just a “job” as it doesn’t really feel like you’re working. Indeed it is a dream lifestyle that anyone would love to have. Most often than not, if I am not traveling I am doing my work at home. I prefer it that way so I can take care of my other household chores while doing my online task.

So how do I organize our home? Simple … I categorize everything in a certain order. Check out my 5 simple steps below to keep your own home tidy and well kept.

1. Dressers – there are different types of dressers to cater to every need. I like the big ones for my bedroom to keep it tidy and clutter free. Personally we own 3 types of dressers. We have two big door type dressers that hold all my clothes as well as shoes. The third dresser looks different than the first two with its wide table with mirror on the top where I can place my makeup and beauty tools while some of the drawers below can hold some of my accessories and clothes.


2. Cabinets – cabinets just like dressers keep a well organized room. It is essential to keep a few cabinets in the living room as well as the kitchen to act as a home organizer with home décor or electronics on top. There are also free standing bathroom cabinets to hold towels and can be decorated with candles on top or other toiletries.


3. Wall Dividers – when used correctly divider can make a room look a lot bigger than it really is. A divider can hide unwanted clutter in a room and magically make it look well kept and organized. For those who have a home office and are in the fashion and beauty industry, keeping a wall divider is an essential must have. Dividers can add a touch of professionalism while beautifying a room as a décor.


4. Storage Boxes – (make sure to get assorted sizes) seasonal items such as Winter related items or clothing can be stored away in large storage boxes during the Summer season and vice versa. That way, you can free up a lot of space on your house and have more room for other essential items. For unwanted items you can easily use small storage boxes and categorize these items as a) to keep, b) to giveaway / donate c) to sell and before you even know it, your clutter will be fixed!


5. Furniture Re-arrangement – most of us don’t even realize that sometimes all we need to do to make our home look a lot organized is to re-arrange our furniture. Moving things around your house can be tiring but very fun at the end of the day. Having a whole new look will add the illusion of having a whole new well-organized room.

How To Keep an Organized Home in 5 Simple Steps

Every home is different; the 5 simple steps that I have shared on this post would be a good start to keep you on the right track. Check out the video below featuring Most Organized Home in America – HGTV Clean Freaks & Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello.

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If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know using the comment box below. Until next post and I hope you find this blog post helpful.

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